Want An Organic Vegetable Garden In Your Backyard? Here's How


Over recent years, sales of organic products have steadily increased, largely due to the consumer demand that is seemingly insatiable. While this ravenous demand for organic products is great for organic farmers, many consumers are finding organic products to be more expensive than their non-organic counterparts. Some people who prefer organic produce but don't have the financial means to purchase as many organic products as they would like are turning to creating their own organic vegetable gardens. If this sounds like something you would like to do, here are a few important things you need to understand in order to have a truly organic vegetable garden. 

Use Fertilizer Made Specifically for Organic Crops

To have an organic garden, the approach is to feed the soil, and the soil in turn will feed the plant. Organic fertilizer gives the soil nutrients that are necessary for a good yield of crops. In order for you to do this effectively in your garden, you will need to know what the soil composition is. To find out, obtain soil test kits from your local hardware or home improvement store. Then contact your county's Department of Agriculture extension office for information on where to send your soil samples for testing. 

The test results will tell you what the soil composition is and what nutrients are lacking. Use the test results as a tool in choosing the appropriate organic fertilizer for your soil's specific needs. If you are not sure, send a copy of the test results to an organic fertilizer company like Nature Safe for their advice and recommendations. 

Use Beneficial Insects to Control Harmful Insects 

In conventional gardening and farming, non-organic chemicals and pesticides are used in hefty amounts. For your organic garden, beneficial insects will cut down on the amount of insects that can damage your vegetable garden. Of course, this type of pest control takes longer than using pesticides to control the population of harmful insects, but introducing the right types of beneficial insects can provide a good balance of insects, which will effectively reduce the amount of damage caused by bad bugs. 

Depending on your region, some beneficial insects will be easier to attract than others. To learn more about the insects that are more common in your area, contact a local gardening club or store for more information. They can also direct you to the nearest place where insects for farming can be purchased. 


26 July 2018

Growing My First Garden

When we bought our first home, I was really excited to get out in the garden, grow something, and watch it bloom into a gorgeous space. However, I quickly discovered that growing things was much more difficult than I imagined, which is why I decided to create a website all about gardening and agricultural concerns. I wanted to share the things that I learned with other people, so I made this easy to read blog. Check out these tips for ideas on how to create a garden area, help your plants to thrive, and make sure the entire area is gorgeous years later.