Chicken Feeding Basics - Young Chicken, Layer, And Broiler Products


If you will be raising chickens for both egg-laying and meat-production purposes, learn about some of the food products that you will need to offer to your pets. Food staples can be purchased at agricultural centers. Some of the food essentials you can prepare with fresh and cooked ingredients that you have access to.

Nutrient Requirements

Young chicks require a nutrient-dense diet. High levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals support adequate growth. Older chicks require slightly lower protein and calcium than young chicks.

Layer hens typically consume a calcium-rich diet. Calcium supports egg production.

Broilers need a lot of protein in their diet. A large quantity of protein supports consistent weight gain and shiny feathers. 

Food Products

Agricultural centers sell feed products that come in bags. The label on a bagged formula will indicate which type of chicken the product is intended for.

If you have recently begun to raise young chicks, purchase one of the starter formulas that are featured. As your breed matures, you will need to alter the diet that the birds consume.

If you own a mix of young chicks and older chickens that you are raising within the same setting, buy a bag of all-flock food. This type of food is suited for young and old chickens. Offering this food may, however, require that you give some of your chickens supplements. If you own a lot of egg-laying hens, for instance, offering calcium supplements will ensure that the hens receive the nutrients they need. 

Fresh Plants And Produce

If your chickens have access to an outdoor area each day, they will use their natural instincts to forage for food. Fresh plants that are growing on your property will supply your birds with extra nutrients.

If the land where your chickens are being raised does not contain a lot of vegetation, set up a small trough that holds fresh greens and other types of produce. Lettuce, kale, and turnip greens are some types of produce that you can give your chickens. Rinse fresh vegetables off, prior to filling the trough. 

Cooked Foods

Rice, pasta, beans, and oatmeal are some food products that you can give older chickens. Prepare a batch of cooked meals that can be used to supplement your chickens' diets. Add the food to clean bowls or a clean trough. If your chickens do not consume all of the cooked food in a reasonable amount of time, dispose of the leftovers.

If you want to know how to raise chickens, contact a professional near you.


30 May 2023

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